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1. DJ Bronze Package Our Basic DJs out perform any company's "Advanced" DJs. Perform basic annoucements, introductions, directions for toasts, etc. This price package is for those who want great music, with out the Chicken Dance but are working on a budget. Up to 4 Hours.
2. DJ Silver Package Advanced Level MC and DJs. DJ Chris or DJ Fernando. This package was created for those who want something more then the "Wedding DJ". LED Lights included as a bonus, as well as extended sound system (wireless speakers for patios, hallways, etc as needed). Up to 5 Hours.
3. Lethal Rhythms Signature Package Expert Level MC and DJ. DJ Joel or DJ Mike Z. Also includes the Ceremony and Reception. Two set ups. Ceremony includes mic for preacher and/or singers, etc. Professional Mix DJ and MC. MC Host of your event and professional DJ Performer. If music is the most important thing to you, then this is your option. Our Signature DJs host your entire event keeping things flowing smoothly, and also mix the music live, including 80's Mashups, Clean Hip Hop, Top 40, Classic Rock, - whatever your personal taste in music happens to be. Your guests will be amazed. There are no professional DJs in Atlanta like this! Professional sound system and Lighting included.
DJ Friday or Sunday 795-1195 our pricing depends on the entertainer you choose (Bronze, Silver or Platinum).
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Advanced Lights and Sound Package Included in the Platinum Package. This option allows for full sound support. Multiple mics for ceremony, live recording of your vows and toasts. Surround Sound for reception, including a 18" Subwoofer for additional bass. Advanced Lighting consisting of Gobos, intelligent lighting, etc.
Ceremony Music Set up / Assistant Planner Ceremony Music Set Up is included in the Platinum Package. Ceremony Set up includes 2nd set up. Wireless mics for preacher and singers if needed. Planning of Ceremony Set Up and Music Selection.
Day of Event Planner - Full Ceremony and Reception Day of Event Planner who is responsible for assuring that all vendors are informed of timeline, aware of check-in requirements, etc. Also works with facility to ensure a smooth flowing event. Ceremony assistance as well as reception coordinator.
Rehearsal Ceremony / Rehearsal Dinner Rehearsal walk through at Ceremony location and Music/Sound at Rehearsal Dinner as needed. Great for toasts, music themes, etc.
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